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Upgrade your outdoor gear with our hand axes collection. From camping to survival, these axes are built to withstand the toughest conditions and deliver reliable performance.

Used for a multitude of tasks, hand axes serve as both cutting and chopping tools, making them essential for activities such as hunting, bushcraft, and woodworking. The symmetrical design, distinctive shape, and sharp blades make them a reliable asset for anyone heading into the great outdoors or doing a woodwork project. 

These axes have an interesting history that dates back to the Palaeolithic period. There are giant hand axes which have been discovered by archeologists, which were so big that it seems almost impossible that someone was able to even lift one up! It is suggested that they held a slightly more symbolic function, like a valuable opportunity to demonstration of strength to those around them.

Although these types of tools have now advanced a lot further, there is still that undeniable sense of purpose and determination seen in their designs. Top brands like Njord create their axes to be sharp and efficient, plus a perfect blend of sleek and ruggedness. 

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