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There is the right axe for every occasion within this brilliant collection.

Whether you are looking for something for woodworking, wood chopping, or bushcraft, these axes are incredibly durable and constructed with top-quality materials. An axe plays a crucial role in clearing land, felling trees, and shaping timber. It is due to the powerful swinging motion of an axe that allows for efficient and precise work. 

These indispensable tools have a range of features to take into consideration. The quality of the axe head is paramount to consider - it should be made of durable steel that can withstand repeated impact. Furthermore, the shape and design plays a part in its functionality. Another crucial feature is the axe handle. It should be made of strong, durable wood, such as hickory, and ergonomic in shape to provide a comfortable grip. The handle's length is also important, as it offers leverage and control during swings.

This range of axes comes from top brands like Njord, and they are solid, reliable tools that are trusted to get the job done. 

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