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Open any mens country clothing wardrobe and you will find a trusted zip neck sweater hanging up, ready to be slung on for a hard day's graft or a casual weekend with the family.

Zip neck jumpers are a perfect garment to have on hand, as they are incredibly versatile and effortlessly slip into any outfit. Whether you're wearing one as part of your farming clothes, under a shooting jacket, or simply with your favourite shirt, there's not much that these sweaters don't look good with.

Reliable brands such as Hoggs of Fife and Jack Pyke offer an array of great zip jumpers in classic country colours. Perfect for everyday life, these essential layers are a staple of mens country clothing, catering to everyone from farm workers to those on sprawling estates. 

This collection also holds choices for men needing something to stand out from the crowd with. Aran Woollen Mills is known for its exceptional quality knitwear, and its zip neck jumpers are no exception. In attractive colours like cream and navy, you can treat yourself to a garment that is never going out of fashion.

Made from premium materials like merino wool, these mens sweaters are a true embodiment of country fashion, so stock up your wardrobe today.

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