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Jeans are known by most as being a modern fashion statement - something seen in high street shops and on pages of magazines. But these denim classics have also earned their place in a country lifestyle wardrobe. 

The best thing about a perfect pair of jeans is their versatility. They are a wardrobe staple for casual wear and can also be styled up for more smart casual or formal occasions. Farmers and other outdoorsmen and agricultural workers will love this denim collection that demonstrates easygoing comfort for everyday wear. 

Hoggs of Fife has designed comfort fit jeans, moleskin jeans, and cotton denim jeans that are favourite items for those wanting a pair of trousers that can be used for work, as well as play. These jeans have plenty of features, with practical pockets and subtle stretch elements. They come in attractive colours from blue jeans to dark denim.

This collection of jeans can be worn with a typical pair of brogues, country check shirts, tweed sporting jackets, and many more traditional country fashion style items. The practicality, hard-wearing materials, comfort level, and great designs of these jeans will easily see them as becoming a key part of your country clothing attire. 

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