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Toeing the line between smart and practical our selection of traditional footwear is quintessential country style at its best.

With centuries-old status as a classic country walking shoe, a pair of brogues should be an essential component of your wardrobe. Designed to be at home whether you’re crossing the fields or in the office, these traditional shoes are an iconic style of footwear that are built to take the demands of country living in their stride.

There’s much to love about brogue shoes. While they’re most recognisable for the decorative, perforated patterns that are distinctive to this classic style, what truly makes brogues a favourite among country gentlemen is their combination of robust, waterproof leather and sturdy leather soles. If anything’s been designed to last for generations, it’s a pair of these shoes.

Our dealer boots differ in style from traditional brogues, as they’re made from smooth leather without the “broguing” details. However, they promise the same stability and comfort thanks to rugged rubber soles and their lack of laces, which means they can be slipped on and off with ease.

Once considered exclusively country footwear, the brogue is an easy style of shoe that can match - chameleon-like - to most situations. As such, wearing brogue boots is a case of simply matching them to the style of the occasion. For a casual look, combine a pair of brogue boots with jeans, a tattersall shirt, and a gilet. Alternatively, go smart with moleskin trousers and a tweed blazer.

Crafted with hard-wearing leather, these boots are made for walking - and any other country activity you can think of!

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