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Offering detail, style, precision, and that famous Musto durability and quality, Musto mens trousers are known by many as their go-to pair. 

Musto is not only the world's leading sailing brand, they are also a British leader in shooting and equestrian sports. Their technical know-how is paired with items of necessity, leading to unbeatable high-performance designs of stylish trousers. 

A great pair of trousers should allow for freedom of movement, have pockets for ease, and also boast those individual little finishing touches, such as articulated knees, which illustrate the purpose of the trousers. Musto offer a great range for you to choose from.

There are Musto men's waterproof trousers that are designed with breathable fabrics and provide that all-important waterproof protection that Musto prides itself on. The Musto sailing trousers are easy to pair with one of their technical sailing jackets and Musto performance waterproof caps, so you will be set for a day out at sea. Their walking trousers demonstrate Musto's 50 years of expertise in technical apparel, with their cargo trousers being made from quality fabrics and providing excellent ease of movement.

These trousers are a core part of their men's collection, with features that reflect the brand's ideology of your next adventure providing their challenge. Popular sailing trousers, mountain climbing trousers, and ultimate shooting trousers - Musto want you to have the best of the best when you're heading into the exhilaration of the outdoors. 

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