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Micro Fleece Lined Shirts at Holland's Country Clothing

Warmth Without Weight

The micro fleece lined shirt has been one of the great innovations of the last ten years. Experience warmth without weight or bulk - it looks like a normal shirt. You won't know how you managed without!

Ideal for three seasons of the year. Wear indoors or out. Looks just like a normal shirt on the outside. Can be worn under a sweater if you want to be really warm! 

Hugely popular and great value for money.

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Champion Cartmel Micro Fleece Lined Tattersall Shirt


Champion Micro Fleece Lined Shirt Kilda


Champion Milton Micro Fleece Lined Shirt


Champion Sherborne Fleece Lined Shirt


Fleece Lined Shirt Winchester | XXL Only


Hoggs Bark Micro Fleece Lined Shirt


Hoggs Birch Micro Fleece Lined Tattersall Shirt


Hoggs Bracken Micro Fleece Lined Shirt