A Country Clothing Staple | What is a Tattersall Shirt?

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A Country Clothing Staple | What is a Tattersall Shirt?

Tattersall shirts have long been a trusted staple of the country clothing world. 

Dependable, comfortable, and versatile, these mens shirts are a popular addition to any wardrobe. Whether you're farming, shooting, or simply just enjoying a stroll through the hills, there's nothing better than wearing a shirt that has been truly designed for the countryside.

These shirts have a rich history that goes all the way back to the 1700s, proving that they have most certainly stood the test of time. 

In this blog post, we want to give you all the insights on the origin and features of the tattersall shirt, so you can not only instantly recognise it, but understand why it is exactly what makes mens country clothing so great.


The Origins of the Tattersall Shirt

Back in 1766, Richard Tattersall opened an auction house to sell off horses. The horse blankets used to keep the horses warm whilst they were waiting to be sold had this wonderful checked pattern that soon caught the eye of weavers.

It was realised that this pattern could be weaved into mens shirts, and the use of pure cotton further added to its appeal. Farmers, country estate workers, and anyone involved in agriculture took an instant liking to these robust shirts, and the pattern quickly took off as a popular choice for mens country clothing.

They became an integral part of British style, and have continued to go from strength to strength over the years.


What Does Tattersall Look Like?

Mens Tattersall Shirt

If you've ever taken a walk in the British countryside, or you've turned on the telly to watch an ITV drama set in the hills, you have most likely seen someone wearing a tattersall shirt. 

Its characterised by the distinctive square check pattern. Horizontal stripes are combined with thin vertical stripes to create this design, and it can come in a wide range of colours. But, it's worth noting that the colours do tend to be dark against light. 

The check pattern is usually quite tight, although some brands do offer a larger square design. 


What are the Key Features of a Tattersall Shirt?

Aside from its recognisable checked pattern, there are a few key features that you would usually expect to find on one of these mens shirts.

Different brands have adopted different ways of designing these shirts, but, to keep it traditional, look for the following characteristics:

  • Use of cotton fabric, typically 100% cotton works best
  • Long tail 
  • Reinforced classic collar
  • Single cuff
  • Breast pocket.

It can be said that country shirts are celebrated for their stylish designs and quality fabrics, and the Tattersall Shirt is a key piece of evidence for this statement!


When to Wear a Tattersall Shirt

Man Wearing Tattersall Shirt with Fleece Gilet

What's so fantastic about these shirts is their versatility. The attractive aesthetic and comfy fit lends itself to both casual and formal occasions, as well as being a perfect part of your workwear or weekend attire.

You could easily wear one of these shirts for any of the following occasions:

  • Paired with a farmers jacket for those long days out in the yard
  • Under a smart sweater and shooting jacket when heading out into the fields
  • Colour matched with your favourite tweed jacket and smart trousers for any kind of country pursuit
  • Untucked with shorts and ankle wellies for a warm summers day in the countryside
  • Dressed down with jeans and dealer boots for everyday wear, weekend errands, and family time.

A check shirt is simple to style, and that's why it is a country classic. If you have practical pieces in your wardrobe that effortlessly fit in with your other rural style garments, then you can spend less time worrying about what to wear, and more time out enjoying the British countryside.


Who Makes the Best Tattersall Shirts

Champion Tattersall Shirt for Men

Being part of country attire, you'll often find the best tattersall shirts are made by those who specialise in country clothing. 

This is because these country clothing brands truly understand what it means to live or work out on the land, and they design their shirts to be practical additions to farming clothes, shooting clothing, or similar. 

They also focus on maintaining the heritage of the tattersall shirt, whilst ensuring that the manufacturing is kept up to date. This means that you can enjoy the classic design, whilst still knowing that you've got a fantastic, well-made shirt that will get the job done.

Hoggs of Fife, Jack Pyke, and Champion offer an extensive range of choices, with some of our favourites being:

These are great options for those looking to add these everyday shirts into their country clothing outfits. It's also worth mentioning Laksen and Alan Paine, however, for the country gentleman wanting a slightly more luxurious tattersall shirt for formal shoots or a day at the races.



Your mens country clothing collection is never complete without a reliable tattersall shirt. As we've seen above, it has endless styling possibilities, as well as a trusted design that hasn't feared country folk wrong so far!

Browse our wide selection of tattersall shirts to find your next favourite, and enjoy everything that country fashion has to offer.

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W O Connor
W O Connor

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