Deerhunter Clothing - Gamekeeper Range Explained

Deerhunter Clothing - Gamekeeper Range Explained

Exploring the Gamekeeper Range of Deerhunter Clothing

Deerhunter is a reputable and well-known brand that is trusted by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. 

Using their extensive experience and expertise, this brand has put together a range of garments that cater to the specific demands of the field, and this has resulted in the fantastic Gamekeeper collection.

Within this collection is performance-driven clothing and specialised accessories that are designed to enhance your hunting experience. So, we thought we'd take a closer look into what makes the Gamekeeper range so popular, and why it is the go-to choice for serious hunters.


What is Deerhunter Clothing?

Deerhunter Clothing is primarily designed for hunters and shooters, although it can easily be incorporated into other field sports or agricultural work. 

It has a strong focus on functionality, whilst prioritising the wearer's comfort; particularly for use during long days out on the hunt or at a shoot. The garments provide weather protection and enhance performance, and can easily withstand the demands of outdoor activities. 

This Danish hunting brand also continues to utilise innovative technologies, such as its own Deer-Tex® Membrane, to stay ahead of the game and to help offer hunters the best in their apparel.


Overview of the Gamekeeper Range

The Gamekeeper range is full of outer layers, mid-layers, trousers, and accessories. 

The designs allow them to be worn together as a full set, or to effortlessly be paired with your existing hunting clothing. Neutral field colours or camo designs are used throughout, to exude that classic country feel that is readily welcomed by those heading into the great outdoors.

The use of quality materials and incorporation of practical features, such as deep pockets, furthers this range into being a stand-out within the Deerhunter clothing collection. 


Popular Products in the Gamekeeper Range 

Two men wearing Deerhunter clothing in camo for hunting in the fields

Within the range, you will find garments that fall into the following categories:

If there's one product you've likely to have heard of from this range, it's the Pro Gamekeeper Jacket. This shooting jacket is a best-seller, and it's no surprise why when you take a look into its features and admire its stylish design. It combines everything you could want from an outdoor jacket, and yet still remains at a reasonable price.

It's also worth noting the Deerhunter Lady Gabby Jacket, which takes inspiration from the Pro Gamekeeper Jacket, but is designed for women.

Furthermore, the Deerhunter Gamekeeper Reversible Bonded Fleece Jacket continues to soar in popularity due to its water-repellent abilities, plus its fantastic reversible design. It has become celebrated as a reliable outer layer for milder, yet slightly unpredictable, weather conditions. 

Whether you opt for a single garment, or kit yourself fully out, you won't go too far wrong choosing from this collection. 


Features and Benefits

There are plenty of great aspects of the Gamekeeper collection that contribute to its success.

This functional clothing is generally celebrated for four main reasons:

  • Maximum Weather Protection
  • Use of Quality Materials
  • Versatility of Design
  • Layering Options.


Maximum Weather Protection

Man wearing Deerhunter jacket, walking through woods with dog

When it comes to outdoor activities, especially hunting, maximum weather protection is of utmost importance. The Gamekeeper range from Deerhunter offers just that, ensuring that hunters can brave even the harshest weather conditions.

One of the key elements that contribute to Deerhunter clothing's superior protection is the Deer-Tex membrane. This advanced technology provides excellent waterproofing, keeping the hunter dry even in heavy rain or snow. Additionally, waterproof zippers are used in shooting coats, further enhancing the capability to repel water and prevent moisture from seeping in. 

Moreover, the materials used for the hat and fleece are also water-resistant. This adds an extra layer of defence against rain, ensuring that the hunter's head and body stay dry throughout their outdoor pursuits.

Weather protection is vital for hunters as extreme conditions can greatly affect their performance and safety. Being exposed to rain, wind, or snow for extended periods can lead to discomfort, fatigue, and even health risks. By offering maximum weather protection, the Gamekeeper range enables hunters to focus on their targets, ensuring a more enjoyable and successful hunting experience.


Use of Quality Materials

Deerhunter Clothing is renowned for its commitment to using quality materials throughout its wide range of outdoor apparel. From hunting jackets to fleece jackets, trousers to breeks, each garment is crafted using premium materials to ensure durability, comfort, and maximum weather protection.

For hunters, quality materials are vital. They provide the freedom of movement essential for outdoor activities and enable hunters to remain comfortable and focused during long days in the field. Deerhunter understands this, which is why their garments are designed with functionality and practicality in mind.

With Deerhunter's use of quality materials, hunters can trust that their clothing gives them an edge in the field. The Gamekeeper range is no exception to the quality that goes hand-in-hand with this company, so you can expect to feel and experience the difference whenever you dress in one of these garments. 


Versatility of Design

Deerhunter clothing is known for its versatility. Their garments are designed to be worn throughout the different seasons, providing exceptional performance and comfort no matter the weather conditions.

Having versatile clothing is crucial for hunters as it allows for adaptability. The Gamekeeper range, in particular, has been created so that a person has lots of different options, depending on the weather and the type of hunting.

The fleece Deerhunter jackets can also be worn as part of your everyday wear, as they are stylish and practical enough to slip over a t-shirt and paired with jeans or moleskin trousers. Although the shooting jackets within this range are designed to match perfectly with the boot trousers or breeks, it's also easy to style them with other existing garments. 

This is what the Gamekeeper range does best - it allows for personal choice and individual style to shine through. 


Layering Options

Man modelling Deerhunter jacket as part of shooting clothing outfit

For hunters, layering allows to an individual to adjust their clothing based on the specific conditions and their activity level.

Each layer serves a specific purpose:

  • Base layers are designed to regulate body temperature and wick away moisture, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.
  • Mid-layers provide insulation and added warmth in colder conditions.
  • Outer layers offer maximum weather protection, often featuring water-resistant or waterproof membranes.

Within the Gamekeeper collection, there are mid-layers and outer layers that hunters can incorporate into their hunting gear to suit the specific demands of their chosen activity, whether that's stalking game or waiting in a hunting blind. 

By having layering options available, your hunting clothing ensures optimal performance in any environment.



Deerhunter Clothing offer an excellent range with the Gamekeeper garments. Not only do they look smart and provide practical features, they are also comfortable and innovative; showcasing what this hunting brand can do.

Whether you're looking to find a specific shooting jacket or fleece gilet, or you want to elevate your entire hunting wardrobe, start with something from the Gamekeeper collection, and you won't be disappointed. 

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