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This collection of traditional tweed flat caps showcases the timeless appeal of country clothing.

A tweed headpiece is a trusted and necessary item for farmers, shooters, and anyone who loves the country look. Our finest selection features classic styles of Harris Tweed from Heather Hats, and even waterproof options from celebrated country brand Alan Paine.

These stylish go-to accessories are available in a variety of colours that suit rural wear impeccably. From blue tweed to brown tweed, to field greens or olive checks, these tweed caps offer aesthetic appeal, as well as comfort and a great fit. We have plenty of choices for both men and women, with unisex designs and a range of styles. 

This staple of British country fashion is perfect for both the casual everyday farm wear, as well as for adding a finishing touch of rustic elegance to formal occasions or country sports. Flat caps are also often seen in the mainstream media, from television soap operas to Hollywood films, and it's no surprise when you consider how versatile they are.

Capture the charm of the countryside with these smart, rustic, and exceptionally comfortable tweed flat caps.

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