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Confidently battle wind and rain with a fantastic choice from our sou'wester hats collection.

Keeping your head dry in the changeable weather of the British countryside can be a challenge, but when you have one of these rain hats ready to go, you effortlessly solve that problem. Practically designed with clever features, these accessories are a must-have for fishing, sailing, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Discover this traditional and iconic headwear that is characterised by its wide brim that helps to shield the face, neck, and shoulders from rain and spray. It also typically has a further extended brim at the back to offer optimum neck protection, and ear flaps to add another layer of defence against even the heaviest rain.

What's celebrated about these waterproof hats is that they provide a secure fit. With the adjustable straps, you no longer have to worry about hats flying off in wild gusts of country air, or struggling to keep a hood up when you're engaged in your outdoor activities. A sou'wester is the ultimate solution to wet weather protection, and we have some great options from the likes of Didriksons in our collection.

Match with your favourite waterproof jacket and streamline a practical, resilient approach to the unpredictable conditions of rural life.

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