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No matter what you call it - whether that’s hiking, bushwalking, tramping, rambling, or even just a good old fashioned walk  - one item is always fixed on the list of essential gear to set you up for success.

A solid pair of walking boots means that your feet can be protected from the elements, both those falling from the sky and those decorating the ground. Johnscliffe has a range of hiking boots suiting all levels of experience, so whether you are a hiking novice or have already scaled conquering heights, they remain a popular choice.

Going somewhere with uneven or rough terrain means that your boots need sufficient grip on the soles and for your ankles to be supported. The boots should be light and keep your feet dry, providing you with the technical features needed, without weighing you down.

Johnscliffe boots focus on epitomising all that. They feature the Jontex waterproof, weatherproof, and breathable membrane lining, and they are robust; giving a secure feel to anyone who puts a pair on.

They are neutral enough in design to be worn with various attire, making them an easy choice for that list of essential gear. Affordable without compromising on quality, Johnscliffe boots create the comfort needed for you to go the distance.

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