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The Original Muck Boot Company: women’s and men’s muck boots

The Original Muck Boot Company

Don’t let the mud or rain affect your outdoor plans - or your feet - thanks to our range of durable, neoprene rubber muck boots. Browse our selection of waterproof footwear and wellington boots from pioneering brand The Original Muck Boot Company.

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Muck Boots Arctic Sport Tall II Black/Grey, Black, Navy/Spruce, Black/Pink, NEW Navy Topography, Black/Moss, Green

Available Colours

Navy Topography Green Eclipse Navy/Spruce Black/Pink Black/Moss Black/Grey

Available Sizes

3 9 4

Women's Arctic Sport II Tall Muck Boots

New in
Muck Boots Men's RHS Muckster II Shoes | Black, Green, Bark

Available Colours

Moss Green Black Bark

Available Sizes

6 7 8 12 13

Muck Boots Men's RHS Muckster II Low Shoes

New in
Muck Boots Women's RHS Muckster II Shoes | Black, Purple, Green

Available Colours

Green Black Black / Purple Grey with Print

Available Sizes

3 9 4 5 6 7 8

Muck Boots Women's RHS Muckster II Low Shoes

Muck Boots Wetland Tall Wellington in Bark

Available Sizes

11/EU46 12/EU47 14/EU49

Muck Boots Wetland Tall

Muck Boots Arctic Ice Tall Boots

Available Colours

Black/Grey Geometric Blue Geometric Print Black / Windsor Red

Available Sizes

3 8 9 7

Muck Boots Arctic Ice Tall Boots


Available Colours

Blue Geometric Print Autumnal Geometric Print Black / Heather Jersey Black / Windsor Red

Available Sizes

9 3

Muck Boots Arctic Ice Mid Boots


We know that the outdoors can be messy, which is why a durable, waterproof wellington boot or outdoor gardening shoe is an essential piece of kit. You might be a farmer, gardener, dog walker, outdoor enthusiast or heading off to muck out the stables; either way, these boots will protect you against all the elements.

Muck boots take their name from The Original Muck Boot Company, a pioneer in practical and hard-wearing neoprene boots that are designed to face whatever the outdoors throws at them. Our hand-picked selection of calf- and ankle-length boots and shoes are engineered to endure wet, windy, snowy, muddy and sticky situations with ease. Most importantly, their rugged, high-traction rubber soles are designed to ensure that you remain steady, even in the muddiest of conditions. 

Choose from different styles to suit your relationship with the outdoors: opt for women’s calf-length Arctic wellingtons with a fleece lining (which are perfect as winter sports boots), or go for our unisex Wetland wellingtons, which use an air mesh lining for breathability. If you’re hunting for a pair of gardening or yard shoes, the ankle Mucksters are a short and lightweight waterproof wellington shoe that’s easy to slip on and off and will keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Made from premium neoprene and rubber, The Original Muck Boot Company’s range of wellingtons have been tested against the extremes of every type of weather. It’s all part of their commitment to crafting the best pair of boots for work, and life, in the muck.

How to choose a muck boot that fits

As with any non-lace boot, ensuring that the item fits correctly is important for both comfort and getting the most out of the product.

We recommend purchasing for your normal size shoe, as, unlike conventional wellington boots, these muck boots should keep your feet warm thanks to the self-insulating neoprene. Unless you plan on wearing these for extended periods of time in very cold weather, it’s not necessary to wear them with thick socks

If you find that the boots are slightly too large, we suggest investing in heel grips or an insole to minimise the amount of heel slip. This should protect the neoprene and make the boot last longer, as well as assuring a more comfortable fit. 

How to clean your muck boots

When you buy a quality pair of boots, we highly recommend taking a few small steps to keep them in the best condition possible and prolonging their working life. 

Avoid leaving your boots in direct sunlight, as this can cause the rubber to dry out, crack and disintegrate. Keeping them clean can also help you get the most out of your boots. We recommend washing them down occasionally with water or water mixed with a little soap and drying them at room temperature.