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Take control of your tree cutting tasks with our sturdy and sharp felling axes. 

A felling axe is an essential tool for any lumberjack or outdoor enthusiast who needs to chop down trees efficiently and confidently. These sturdy and powerful axes are specifically designed for the task of felling trees, making them an indispensable log-splitting tool for anyone involved in forestry, woodworking, or even firewood collection.

An axe for felling typically has a long, straight ergonomic handle to provide leverage and power during the swing, allowing for maximum force to be applied to the tree trunk. The axe head is usually heavier than that of a traditional chopping axe, enabling the user to make deep and clean cuts into the wood, ensuring a smooth and precise tree felling process. Plus you can expect to find quality steel blades that offer a cutting-edge, razor sharp approach to woodwork.

This collection has choices that come with leather sheaths for easy storage and transportation, and has options from top brands like Njord

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