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Sailing gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any sailor, providing vital protection and grip while out on the water.

With their specially designed features, these gloves are crafted to withstand the harsh conditions and constant contact with ropes, sails, and other equipment. Made from durable materials such as neoprene, sailing gloves offer excellent abrasion resistance, ensuring that they can withstand the rigours of sailing over extended periods. This provides ultimate comfort and helps to prevent rope burns, plus offers additional protection in cold weather.

One key feature of these waterproof gloves is their reinforced palm and finger areas. These reinforced sections not only provide an extra layer of protection against abrasions but also offer enhanced grip and control. This is particularly important when manoeuvring ropes or handling sail controls, as a secure grip is crucial for maintaining control and safety. Some gloves even feature added padding in the palm area, providing additional comfort and shock absorption during long hours of sailing. The adjustable wrist straps also create great freedom of movement. 

With their versatile design and protective features, sailing gloves are an essential accessory that no sailor should be without. Match with your favourite sailing jacket and set sail for success. 

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