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At the heart of Scandinavian brand Seeland is nature, and everyone who loves to explore it. Established in 1976, Seeland focuses on providing a quality range of outdoor clothing for the adventurous and the curious. 

Staying warm, dry, and comfortable in any outdoor activities has never been easier once you have discovered Seeland. Quality Seeland jackets with cartridge pockets and breathable materials, neoprene lined boots, shooting trousers, comfy fleeces, and much more - this brand offers a modern hunter the versatility they need for classic shooting days.

Seeland respects that, for hunters, it's not just a sport, it's a way of life. They know that hunters need to be confident to venture outdoors in any type of weather, and they aim to never let you down. Extreme conditions require extreme testing, and so Seeland puts each of their products through their vigorous paces out in the great outdoors - because who better to test out hunting gear than hunters themselves? 

Durability, classic design, and exceptional levels of weatherproofing are part of Seeland's philosophy. Meeting the needs of the hunting community at every turn, Seeland prides themselves on offering high quality at respectable prices.

So if you're looking to take the next step of your hunting journey, check out Seeland's fantastic range of clothing and footwear.

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