The 5 Best Festival Wellies for Women

The 5 Best Festival Wellies for Women

The Top 5 Womens Wellies for Festivals 

Whether you're a seasoned festival-goer or this is your first time stepping into the mud, having the right footwear can be the difference between a fun time and a wishful longing for home! 

Investing in a pair of wellies is a great way to keep your feet dry and comfortable as you dance, enjoy the music, and inevitably wait in some very long lines.

We want to help you tick one thing off your to-do list as you get ready for festival season, and that's why we've put together this list of the top five festival wellies for women. If you've been struggling to find the best pair to pack, we're here to provide valuable insights, tips, and recommendations to suit your personal style and needs.

Ready to discover your new favourite boots? Let's take a look at some of the best options on the market. 

Ariat Womens Kelmarsh Wellington Boots in navy on a grassy background

Why Do People Wear Boots to Festivals?

Before we dive further into discussing our best festival wellies, it's worth knowing why boots, specifically waterproof boots, are often a go-to for people attending British festivals. 

Wet and uncomfortable feet are a quick-fire way to put a dampen on your festival experience, and with muddy fields and long hours part and parcel of these occasions, it's important to be prepared. 

Here are a few key reasons why boots are the perfect footwear choice:

  • Comfort and Support: Lots of walking, dancing, and standing are common at festivals, and this can take a toll on the feet. Cushioning and support provided by boots help reduce foot fatigue and discomfort.
  • Style and Fashion: Of course, you want to look good whilst you're enjoying the event! Stylish boots are a great, versatile option to pair with all kinds of outfits, from denim shorts to sundresses.
  • Weather Conditions: Rain boots prevent discovering a soggy foot as the wet weather starts to pour down! The waterproof protection keeps you dancing and having fun, regardless of those grey clouds.
  • Secure Footing: Busy and crowded festival life requires footwear that has an extra grip, to prevent you from slipping as you go from A to B. This helps reduce the risk of injury and falling flat on your face!
  • Easy to Clean: Boots, specifically natural rubber boots like wellies, are easy to rinse down and wipe clean. This makes them a perfect choice for festival-goers, who often spend a few days surrounded by lots of muddy conditions.  

Waterproof boots, when chosen correctly, offer festival attendees the convenience of comfortable footwear they can navigate through crowds with, dance to their favourite tunes in, and look stylish whilst doing so.

VisitEngland has a full list of all the exciting festivals going on across the country, so, once you've found your new boots, start browsing and making your plans!

Woman wearing Ariat Womens Kelmarsh Wellington Boots to walk across field

The Best Festival Wellies for Women

Thanks to modern technology and innovative features, wellies now come in all shapes and sizes. What used to be a relatively simple pair of boots now has the potential to wow you with all it can offer. 

That's not to say that you can't simply pick up a standard pair of wellies anymore, but it's all about paying attention to the different features. For example, some cater to wider calves, some have shock-absorbing midsoles, and some have adjustable buckles for a secure fit.

Whatever you are looking for in your festival footwear, you will likely be able to find it with wellington boots! 

So, let's get started with our top choices for you this festival season. 


1. Cotswold Sandringham Buckle Strap Wellingtons

Cotswold Sandringham Buckle Strap Wellingtons in yellow against a white background

One of our most popular style of wellington boots is the Cotswold Sandringham Wellies, which are celebrated for being an affordable option that still stands out from the crowd.

Offered in a range of colours, it will keep your feet nice and dry as you become part of the crowd at festivals across the country. Some of the main reasons we love these festival wellies are:

  • They're incredibly easy to wear. Simply pull them on, match them with your favourite outfit, and you're ready for a fantastic day. Choose a bright colour if that's your style or go for something more neutral - Cotswold has catered to all!
  • Despite the low price point, they offer reliable waterproof protection against rain and mud. Plus, the cleated grippy soles stop you from sinking into wet grass and boggy ground. 

Attractively designed and dependable for your outdoor adventures, it's hard to go wrong with these womens wellies. 


2. Hunter Womens Original Tall Back Adjustable Wellington Boots

Hunter Womens Original Tall Back Adjustable Wellington Boots in red against a white background

Hunter wellies have continually earned their place as some of the best boots around, and the Womens Original Tall design doesn't disappoint.

These are best-sellers for a reason. A couple of reasons why they've made this list are:

  • Crafted using 28 hand-cut parts, assembled over three days on an aluminium last bespoke to Hunter, and vulcanised for incredible protection, the attention to detail is evident and makes them a steadfast choice for fields and crowds.
  • The Hunter Original tread pattern is known to be exceptionally sturdy, and this is exactly what you need at a festival. When you put on these boots, you can be confident that your footwear can hold its own against different types of terrain.

Choose your favourite from the variety of colours available and take on the mud in style!


3. Ariat Womens Kelmarsh Wellington Boots

Ariat Womens Kelmarsh Wellington Boots in navy against a white background

If you love boots, you'll likely have heard of Ariat, and the Kelmarsh wellies take footwear to the next level. 

Strategically designed and full of fantastic features, there's lots to unpack with these great wellington boots. Here are some of the key reasons they are brilliant festival wellies:

  • The 4LR™ lightweight balancing shank provides essential support, allowing you to enjoy the festivities with ease and in total comfort. Complemented by cushioned insoles, your feet will keep dancing throughout the night.
  • Adjustable straps on the boots cater to different calf sizes and create a secure fit, giving you peace of mind as you navigate the festival field. Plus, the slick and smart design is a subtle way of showing off you have some of the best footwear going!

From grassy fields and muddy paths to battling British weather, these womens wellies won't let you down. It's also worth noting they come in a mid-calf version.


4. Muck Boots Ladies Apex Zip Mid Boots

Muck Boots Ladies Apex Zip Mid Boots in black against a white background

Although perhaps not strictly "wellies", the Muck Boots Apex Mid Boots give the protection of classic wellington boots, with the comfort and fit of a normal shoe.

They are an excellent alternative to tall boots if you're someone who doesn't like feeling restricted around the lower leg, but still wants to keep their feet super dry and cosy. A couple of key points worth raising are:

  • Lightweight and easy to wear, they are ideal for doing lots of walking, standing around, and dancing. The shorter design reduces some of the natural unavoidable weight of taller wellies, and you can style them just as you would trainers or ankle boots.
  • The breathable lining keeps your feet cool and comfortable, which is particularly welcomed if you get a warm, sunny day. Plus, the bioDEWIX™ Dry antimicrobial footbed is great for foot hygiene during busy festivals. 

Versatile and flexible, this Cotswold footwear is a winner for festival life!


5. Cotswold Womens Chilson Wellingtons

Cotswold Womens Chilson Wellingtons in black polka dots against a white background

Lastly, we had to include some fun, slightly quirky wellies that are gorgeous options for all things festivals!

These Cotswold wellies are on the lower end of the price range, so you can treat yourself without stretching the pennies too far. Alongside the exciting designs, this footwear makes the list due to the following reasons:

  • Stay comfy all day long thanks to the memory foam footbed cleverly incorporated into the design, meaning you can enjoy yourself without worrying about sore feet. Great for long days when all your favourite bands are playing!
  • Even if the heavens open and the mud gets a bit dicey, the chunky soles keep you steady against slippery surfaces, so you stay protected and ready to take on the fields.

Pick yourself up a pair of the Cotswold Chilson Wellingtons and you will love the playful, fun feel of fantastic new festival wellies.



When you choose a pair of wellingtons, they should be well-equipped with features designed to enhance your chosen outdoor experience. For festivals, that mainly focuses on comfort and convenience, but it does help if they're also stylish too!

Hopefully, with this list, you've now found your next favourite footwear, but make sure you check out our wide range of festival wellies if you'd like some further inspiration. Alternatively, please reach out to our friendly team for some personalised help and guidance on which pair is right for you.


With her extensive firsthand experience of farm life and a keen eye for quality, Sarah Holland's advice on womens country clothing reflects her genuine appreciation for the joys and comfort of rural living. Whether it's a smart tweed jacket for a formal occasion or durable wellies for muddy walks, she knows what works for life in the countryside. Sarah loves sharing her knowledge and insights to help others discover the perfect attire for their outdoor lifestyle.

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