The Essential Summer Farming Clothes for Women

The Essential Summer Farming Clothes for Women

The Perfect Summer Farmers Clothes for Women

For farmers, tackling the weather is part and parcel of the job. A well-prepared farming wardrobe consists of a combination of heavy-duty clothing, lightweight garments, and versatile accessories. With this arsenal of clothing options, farmers are equipped to face any season, come rain or shine.

The good old British summer can bring about an array of unpredictable weather, so anyone who works outdoors knows they need to be prepared with layers and certain clothing. Ever the optimists, we all hope for glorious sunshine, but we also know that it's likely we'll experience one or two sudden downpours.

That's why having the appropriate clothing is crucial for outdoor workers, providing them with peace of mind. Knowing that you have a waterproof jacket on standby or a sun hat ready is essential for efficient and productive work. 

In this blog post, we will talk through some of the key pieces that a women's farming clothes closet should feature, helping you to step outside and tackle your work with confidence.


Key Features for Summer Farming Clothes

Woman wearing flannel shirt & fleece gilet outdoors in the fields

When you're out in hot weather conditions or facing a looming grey cloud, your farm clothing should aim to provide comfort, protection, and functionality.

These features are often found throughout most garments that are worn during the summer, and they can help farmers throughout the season.

Usually you can expect to find:

  • Moisture-wicking fabrics: Farmers need clothes that can help manage sweat and keep them dry during long hours of work. Moisture-wicking fabrics are designed to pull moisture away from the skin, keeping the body cool and dry
  • Durability: Farm work can be tough on clothing, with exposure to dirt, mud, and rough terrain. Summer farming clothes for women are typically made from durable materials that can withstand the demands of this type of work
  • Adjustable features: Outdoor clothing may come with adjustable straps or waistbands to ensure a comfortable fit and flexibility during different activities
  • Breathable and vented: Adequate ventilation is crucial in hot weather to prevent overheating. Farm clothes often incorporate breathable and vented designs, allowing air circulation to keep the body cool
  • UV protection: Working outside under the sun exposes farmers to harmful UV rays. Some summer farming clothes can incorporate UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) technology to protect the skin from the sun's rays
  • Easy to clean: The last thing you want to be doing after a long day is scrubbing and scrubbing at stains and dirt. The ideal farm workwear should be machine washable or able to be wiped down easily.


Layering for Changing Weather Conditions

One of the best decisions a farmer can make is to embrace layering when it comes to their clothing choices. 

The key to layering effectively for farmers is:

  • Start with a moisture-wicking base layer. This type of clothing is designed to keep sweat away from the skin, ensuring a dry and comfortable feel even on the hottest days. Look for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or polyester blends for optimal moisture management
  • Add insulation and warmth when needed. We recommended having a few gilets in your wardrobe, as these help regulate body temperature whilst still providing optimal comfort and movement
  • Protect yourself from unexpected rain showers or sudden temperature drops with a reliable outer layer. A high-quality waterproof jacket is an absolute must-have, plus it's always suggested that waterproof trousers are added to the mix!

To further help farmers out, we've written a separate blog post on how to adapt your farming clothes to changing weather, which is full of great advice and tips on getting the most out of your garments.


Essential Farming Clothes for Women

When it comes to working on a farm, women need practical and durable clothing that can withstand the demands of the job while keeping them comfortable.

Essential farming clothes for women include a variety of items that offer utility features and protection from the elements. 

By investing in these key pieces, you can be prepared for whatever nature (aka the farm!) throws your way.


1. Farmers Gilet

Jack Pyke Ladies Countryman Fleece Gilet against a white background

The summer season brings warmer temperatures and longer days, making it the perfect time for women farmers to get outside and tend to their crops and animals. However, it's important to have the right clothing to stay comfortable and protected during these hot months.

One essential piece of clothing for women farmers during the summer is a farmers gilet.

A farmers gilet is a sleeveless jacket that provides lightweight insulation and freedom of movement. It is specifically designed to offer practicality and versatility for those working on the farm.

Some of the features that make it beneficial for summer are:

  • Breathability: A good farmers gilet is made from breathable materials that allow air circulation and prevent overheating
  • Insulation: A gilet provides just the right amount of warmth during cooler summer mornings or evenings
  • Pockets: The gilet usually comes with multiple pockets, allowing farmers to store essentials such as tools, gloves, or small farming accessories
  • Durability: Made from durable materials, farmers gilets are designed to withstand the rigours of farm work and last for many seasons.

The Jack Pyke Ladies Countryman Fleece Gilet is a popular option for women farmers during the summer. It offers all the essential features mentioned above and is designed specifically for durability and comfort. A perfect piece of agricultural clothing!


2. Wide-Brim Hat

Didriksons Sou'wester Hat in green against a white background

Beat the heat with a wide-brim hat, which is a must-have accessory for any woman working the land.

Not only does it offer protection against the scorching sun, but it also keeps your face, neck, and ears shielded from harmful UV rays.

Plus, there are plenty of different styles of wide-brim hats that are perfect for farm work, so you can choose one that complements your personal taste.

Some top options are:

  • Felt Hat: A classic choice, felt hats are durable, stylish, and provide excellent sun protection. They are versatile and can withstand rough conditions, making them ideal for long days on the farm
  • Waxed Hat: If you're looking for a hat that offers both sun and rain protection, a waxed hat is the way to go. With its water-resistant coating, it keeps you dry during sudden downpours while ensuring your face remains shaded from the sun
  • Sou'wester: Designed specifically for wet and windy conditions, the sou'wester hat features a wide brim that extends all the way around, protecting your face, neck, and shoulders from rain, gusty winds, and sun exposure
  • Waterproof Hat: Built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, a waterproof hat is perfect for farmers who often find themselves working in rainy environments. It keeps your head dry while offering ample shade.

When it comes to high-quality wide-brim hats for farmers, Hoggs of Fife is a brand worth considering. With their extensive range of farm clothing, including hats, Hoggs of Fife offers practical and durable options that perfectly cater to the needs of farmers. Trust their craftsmanship and attention to detail for hats that will keep you protected and comfortable all summer long.


3. Waterproof Jacket

Woman wearing Ridgeline Frontier Jacket for farming

Farmers often work outdoors in all weather conditions, and a good waterproof jacket provides protection from rain, wind, and other elements, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

For the summer months, a lightweight and breathable waterproof jacket is ideal. These jackets are designed to allow heat and sweat to escape, preventing overheating and discomfort.

There are several options available when it comes to waterproof clothing for farmers. Brands like Ridgeline offer a range of jackets, including smocks, which are popular among farmers for their functionality and versatility. Ridgeline smocks, in particular, are lightweight and easy to put on and take off, providing quick protection when needed.

When the rain starts to fall, you'll be grateful that you have a reliable outer layer that you can slip on and then get back to the job in hand.


4. Lightweight Trousers

Hoggs of Fife Struther Trousers against a white background

While shorts may seem like a tempting option for hot summer days, they can often be impractical for farm work. Shorts leave the legs exposed, making them more susceptible to scratches, insect bites, and sunburn. Lightweight trousers provide much-needed protection, shielding the legs from hazards and minimising the risk of injury or discomfort.

This style of trousers offers a range of benefits that make them a practical and versatile choice for women working on the farm.

These key features are:

  • Flexibility: Farm work requires a wide range of movements, from bending and squatting to climbing and lifting. Lightweight trousers are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for unrestricted movement
  • Pockets and Storage: Farming requires carrying tools, gadgets, and other essentials while working. Farming trousers typically come with multiple pockets strategically placed for easy access and convenience
  • Machine Washable: Music to a farmer's ears. Lightweight trousers are often designed to be easy to clean, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance
  • Breathability: Summer heat can be intense, but lightweight garments are designed to offer breathability. They allow air to circulate and keep the wearer cool and comfortable even in hot weather.

When it comes to finding high-quality lightweight trousers, brands like Fort offer a wide selection of designs to choose from. Bib and brace overalls are always a winner, particularly for mucky or messy work, and there are also some great, comfy field trousers that are perfect for long days.


5. Long-Sleeved Shirts

Woman wearing Hoggs of Fife Eilidh Ladies Shirt in countryside

Although it may seem counter-productive for the summer, it's actually a wise decision to stick with a long-sleeved shirt throughout this season.

The main reasons to do this are:

  1. Sun protection: A long-sleeved shirt can shield your arms from harmful UV rays, protecting your skin from damage when working long hours under the sun
  2. Insect repellent: Long sleeves act as a barrier that reduces the chances of insect bites and stings, keeping you safe and comfortable while working
  3. Protection from scratches and cuts: Farm work often involves handling sharp tools or objects with rough surfaces. Long-sleeved shirts offer an added layer of protection, preventing scratches and cuts on your arms
  4. Comfortable layering: Whether it's early mornings or cool evenings, farm work can expose you to fluctuating temperatures. Long-sleeved shirts provide the option of rolling up your sleeves or layering with a gilet or jacket for added warmth or ventilation.

Long sleeved shirts are a vital addition to anyone's farming clothes, and they have benefits all year round.



From lightweight trousers that offer breathability to versatile shirts that provide protection, these clothing options are tailored to meet the needs of women farmers.

By investing in the right summer farming clothes, you can work efficiently, stay cool, and protect yourself from the elements. So, gear up with these essential pieces and make the most out of the summer farming season!

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