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Laksen fleeces are incredibly versatile and can be worn as a mid-layer under a waterproof jacket for extra insulation or as an outer layer on milder days. Having such adaptable clothing in your shooting wardrobe means you're set to tackle various weather conditions with ease during any outing.

Lightweight yet cosy, fleece remains popular due to how effectively it traps body heat while feeling gentle on your skin. Imagine staying warm without the bulk—perfect for those who spend hours outdoors shooting and enjoying their favourite country sports.

The flexible and ergonomic designs that Laksen has employed support your natural body movements, allowing for precise shooting by facilitating better aim and quick reactions. There are also both practical and comfort features included, such as zipped side pockets and faux suede trims. 

In our collection, you can choose from fleece gilets or jackets in a range of colours and styles that all look super smart over your favourite Laksen shirt. Country folks rely on these garments not only for their practicality during shoots but also as dependable attire for everyday rural life. When you need an extra layer of warmth, these are the items of clothing you reach for. 

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