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Seeland Neck Gaiter 2 Pack

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Seeland Neck Gaiter 2 Pack

Seeland Neck Gaiters are one of the most adaptable and versatile design accessory pieces you will ever own and you will not regret buying them. Many people know that the head and hands are the primary sources of heat loss from the body, however they may not realize that the neck is a tertiary source of considerable heat loss. 

You can prevent body heat from escaping by wearing a simple roll collar, such as the Seeland Neck Gaiter. These amazing items of clothing are made from soft, stretchy polyester. This stretchy polyester material allows this amazing item of clothing to adapt to your neck, face, or head. 

It is suitable for any sport or activity that demands warmth such as winter running, snowboarding, skiing and many more other activities. Its primary use is for cold weathers when you need something to prevent your neck from being exposed to cold winds. The Sealand Neck Gaiter is made to fit around the neck, covering the entire torso and head. By covering your entire head and neck, excess heat will be retained in the body.

During cold weather, as an example, the tubular can serve as a simple scarf to cover the neck during a walk or run, or as a mask or balaclava to keep out the cold; in hot weather, the tubular is the ultimate companion, serving as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hairband, balaclava, scarf, scrunchie, saharaine, pirate cap, beanie, and bandana.

There is a Seeland logo printed on one of the supplied roll collars on a subdued dark green background. The other features an InVis camouflage print.

With its endless advantages, the roll collars are suitable for any sport or activity.


  • Lightweight
  • Sweat wicking
  • Adaptable fit and form
  • Available in Pine Green/InVis Orange Blaze and Pine Green/InVisGreen in One Size


  • Main Fabric: 100% Polyester, Cirkular knit