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Shooters spend extended periods outdoors, sometimes from dawn until dusk, requiring clothing that can adapt to changing temperatures and activity levels. A well-chosen base layer is a crucial part of this layering system.

What baselayers do is essentially serve as the foundation, worn closest to the skin and providing targeted warmth when it's needed and keeping you cool when there's a risk of overheating. Then, mid-layers such as Laksen fleeces offer additional insulation, while outer layers such as waterproof jackets or shooting coats keep you dry in wind and rain.

When actively shooting, individuals need garments that allow for a full range of motion and do not interfere with their technique. Baselayers with seamless construction and stretch fabrics enhance mobility and flexibility, ensuring shooters can shoulder their guns and take aim with ease and precision.

We have a wide range of short and long sleeve tops and long johns that are all designed for comfort and ideal body temperature regulation. If you're searching for technical wear from one of the most trusted brands in the industry, you've found it here with Laksen Sporting.

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