How to Style a Classic Tattersall Shirt

How to Style a Classic Tattersall Shirt

Tips for Styling a Mens Tattersall Shirt

Characterised by its distinctive check pattern, the tattersall shirt is a British style country clothing classic. 

In our previous blog posts, we've explored the origins of this traditional shirt and underscored its significance as a must-have for the country gentleman. Now, we're shifting our focus to styling!

We've put together this comprehensive guide on how to tastefully style the tattersall shirt to provide you with all our insider tips and tricks. Whether you're rolling up your sleeves for farm duties, heading out for a weekend shoot, or simply rounding up the dogs for a morning walk, we are here to help you get the best out of your new favourite shirt. 

Robert Coates - Director of Hollands Country Clothing - on his farm wearing a tattersall shirt, trousers, and boots

How to Wear a Tattersall Shirt

As we delve into the nitty-gritty of our styling guide, it's important to remember one key point: keep it simple and pay attention to the colour tones of the shirt. 

If you've read our 'What is a Tattersall Shirt?' post, you'll know all about the attributes and appearance of these check shirts. Although they are not often bold or brash with their designs, they do respond best to a delicate colouring pairing. 

Luckily, if you've got a well-stocked country clothing collection, then you are already on the right path! A tattersall shirt echoes the natural palette of the countryside, often matching the rich earthy tones of all your favourite country fashion garments - from your wax jacket and moleskin trousers to your knitwear and denim jeans.

For the most part with these country shirts, it's not about standing out from the crowd. It's more of a subtle nod to the heritage and demands of the rural surroundings you love.


Styling Your Shirt: By Activity

Now we've established the foundation, it's time to get down to the real deal - how to wear a tattersall shirt for specific countryside activities.

When it comes to these checked shirts, you'll often hear the word 'versatile' thrown into conversation. That is because they are incredibly adaptable to everything from traditional country sports to everyday village life. When your country wardrobe features a wide range of tattersall shirts, you know you'll always have something to wear.

To make things nice and straightforward, we've broken down our following section into one activity at a time. 

Man wearing Jack Pyke Countryman Shirt with a silk tie outside


The attractive aesthetic of a tattersall lends itself nicely to both formal shooting attire and a more casual, relaxed touch. Plus, you'll look the part whether you're in the field or at the pub after a successful shoot!

Here are some styling considerations for shooters:

  • Bear in mind the practical and safety aspects of shooting, first and foremost. Choose a well-fitting tattersall shirt that doesn't hinder your movement or get in the way of handling your firearm.
  • Opt for a shirt that complements your shooting jacket or waistcoat. For example, if you have a smart tweed jacket you plan to wear, try to pinpoint the colour tones and match this to the checks of the tattersall. This will create a cohesive and polished appearance.
  • Accessorise tastefully, using your shirt as the base piece of the outfit. Invest in a high-quality leather belt and shooting tie for traditional elegance, and match with smart headwear like a tweed flat cap.

Man climbing out of tractor wearing Fort Melton Shirt


Robust, rugged, and remarkably comfortable, a tattersall shirt is built for the physical demands and challenging weather conditions on the farm. The button-down design allows for easy layering, making it a celebrated piece of farming clothes.

Here are a couple of tips for farmers:

  • Wear the shirt under a fleece gilet when the temperatures are milder but still a little chilly. Add your trusty farmers jacket over the top during the colder months to stay nice and warm.
  • Pair with any work trousers you like and pop on your farm boots or wellies for sturdy footwear. Make use of the chest pockets to carry around essentials, and accessorise with hats and gloves. The classic collar and buttoning also allow neck gaiters to be incorporated into your outfit for extra warmth.
  • Tattersall shirts come in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve, so it's wise to have a selection of both styles in your wardrobe. However, the beauty of these shirts is that the long-sleeved design allows you to roll up the sleeves - adding to its versatility and appeal.


Man wearing Champion Tattersall Check Shirt in the outdoors


A practical shirt is a must for long days fishing, and that's why fishermen reach for their trusty tattersall. The breathable fabrics keep you cool when you're out on the water, and the relaxed and loose fit allows for unrestricted movement that's perfect for casting, reeling in your catch, or sitting back and opening a cold drink!

Here are a few ways these mens shirts can be utilised for life by the river:

  • Unpredictable weather is all part of a fishing trip experience. Wear your shirt under a waterproof jacket when the heavens look like they're about to open.
  • Consider thermal baselayers underneath your shirt - this provides extra warmth to your ensemble that will be readily welcomed in colder temperatures. Add fleece jackets or gilets if further layers are needed.
  • Lightweight and quick-drying waterproof trousers can be ideal for fishing activities, and fortunately, a checked shirt is easy to match with a range of designs. Pair with wellies and stay comfortable all day long.

If you'd like further guidance on what to wear for all your favourite country pursuits, please refer back to our blog, where we share lots of information and expert tips.

Robert Coates - Director of Hollands Country Clothing - wearing Champion Tattersall Check Shirt on his farm

Styling Your Shirt: By Occasion

Sometimes you need a laid-back, simple shirt for everyday wear. Sometimes you need to step it up a gear and smarten up your appearance. Sometimes you have a formal occasion and it's time to shine.

The tattersall shirt proves to be somewhat of a chameleon of mens country clothing. Its impressive ability to suit an array of different occasions means it is always encouraged to have an extensive collection of these shirts on hand.

Depending on the event, here's how you can effortlessly style the checked shirt for any occasion:

  • Casual - A slightly larger check gives off a more relaxed and casual vibe. For example, the Champion Tattersall Check Shirt is a popular choice for everyday farm chores, running errands in the village, or strolls around the countryside. Keep it easygoing by matching with denim jeans or work trousers, and complete the look with comfortable footwear like dealer boots or wellies.
  • Smart Casual - Use outer layers and accessories to elevate your style game here. Choose well-fitting, tailored garments such as neutral-coloured knitwear to add a touch of sophistication to a shirt such as the Hoggs of Fife Inverness Tattersall Shirt. Chinos looped in with a leather belt are a good option to match with, and pair with brogues or Chelsea boots.
  • Formal - Opt for a tight check pattern in a neutral colour that complements your chosen outer layer, such as a tweed jacket. Add a smart wool or silk tie, and consider accessories like a felt hat if the event calls for it. If you really wanted to impress, you could invest in a finest quality option, such as the Laksen Tony Cotton Wool Shirt.

By incorporating these tips, you can ensure you are dressed appropriately and confidently for wherever your rural life takes you.


Man wearing Alan Paine Aylesbury Check Shirt with field jacket outdoors

Styling Your Shirt: By Season

Last but not least, it's always useful to know how to get the best out of your shirt for the seasons. 

Those who live in the British countryside are well aware of the need to have country attire that can do battle with changeable weather. A tattersall shirt is a perfect partner for the warmer months, colder seasons, and everything in between. 

Here are a few tricks to get through the seasons:

  • Spring - Welcome the brighter days and match your shirt with chinos or field trousers. Prepare for the occasional chill with a gilet or quilted jacket, and it's always useful to have a lightweight waterproof jacket on standby!
  • Summer - Opting for quality materials will make a difference at this time of year. What you're looking for is breathable fabrics like cotton, which are great for keeping you feeling cool and fresh as the temperatures heat up. Go for a short sleeve shirt and shorts, and step into a laid-back summer vibe with deck shoes or sandals.
  • Autumn - Embrace sweater season knowing you have a great shirt to wear underneath. Choose legwear that offers a bit more insulation, such as corduroy trousers or moleskin trousers, and step into sturdy leather boots for an easy seasonal transition.
  • Winter - The chilly season calls for layering, and, as we've established, tattersall shirts have quite rightly earned their place as a go-to choice. Pop the shirt on under a waterproof jacket or parka, stock up on mid-layers like fleece jackets, and invest in base layers that will go nicely under your button-down shirt.

From the fresh bloom of spring to the brisk frost, a tattersall shirt is the ultimate seasonal choice of mens country clothing. If you're interested in seeing how a tattersall can be worn with different garments, check out this YouTube video about Hoggs of Fife essentials - spot the Inverness we mentioned earlier



Outdoor activities, different occasions, seasonal changes - we've navigated it all in our trusty checked shirts! These classic garments are indispensable for those who value reliable, comfortable, and durable country clothing. 

We have a wide range of colours, stylish designs, and best-selling brands throughout our full tattersall shirts collection, so browse through and then enjoy your new wardrobe staple. We'd also love to help, so if you have a particular event or country pursuit you're gearing up for, please don't hesitate to get in touch for further guidance.


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