The History and Heritage of Laksen

The History and Heritage of Laksen

The History and Heritage of Laksen

Laksen has become a global leader in outdoor and country clothing by creating exceptional quality garments that feature timeless designs.

But, how did it all start?

Behind the brand's success lies a rich history rooted in tradition and craftsmanship. From its humble beginnings to its position as a beloved brand, there is a captivating heritage surrounding this brand. 

Whether you are a loyal fan or simply interested in the journey of an iconic brand, this blog post will provide you with a deeper understanding of the legacy that Laksen represents.


Who is Laksen?

Established in 1977 by two passionate fly fishers and huntsmen, Laksen began its journey with a focus on crafting handmade fly fishing rods and functional clothing.

With this commitment to quality and craftsmanship, the brand soon gained recognition for its exceptional products. Over the years, its portfolio was expanded to cater to the diverse needs of country sport enthusiasts. From wool tweed products to breathable performance wear, Laksen specialises in premium quality clothing that combines functionality with style.

The brand's popularity can be attributed to its continuous product innovation and development. by investing in the latest production technology and conducting extensive testing, the products are ensured to meet the demanding requirements of everyday hunters and sportsmen alike. 

Laksen remains a favourite and is continues to be a trusted name in the industry, being endorsed by professional hunters and shooters across the world. 


What is the Story of Laksen?

Man & Woman Dressed in Laksen Clothing for Shooting

Laksen truly has its roots in Denmark. Back in those early days, all their products were 100% designed and manufactured at their in-house facilities, and the subsequent selling of these products largely stayed within the country too.

 It was between 1979 - 1981 when the pinnacle point occurred for this company. Laksen Sporting was granted the first European licence to use waterproof Gore-Tex technology in the manufacturing of its clothing. 

This achievement was huge for the brand, as it meant that it were one of the very first companies to offer waterproof garments that also prioritised breathability. Being able to supply hunters and fly fishers with these superior, innovative products was a game-changer and meant it could really start to step up a level. 

It wasn't long before its performance clothing became a market leader. The Gore-Tex technology had revolutionised waterproof garments and taken them firmly into products that could comfortably withstand an active lifestyle. This is just one of the reasons why Laksen clothing remained sought-after by those enjoying country pursuits in the outdoors. 

The stand-out classic country sport that Laksen clothing seemed a match made in heaven for was shooting and hunting. Garments geared towards these pursuits soon became the centre of the business, and then, by the end of the 1990s, they were its sole focus. 

Further growth was seen by the introduction of the first lightweight, waterproof, and breathable pure wool tweed products, which saw their production needs intensify and finally have to be taken out the homeland. Another significant achievement for the brand and an illustration of just how far they have come. 

To this day, Laksen is still passionate about creating the best garments for shooters and hunters. By continuing to strive, innovate, and learn, this brand remains one to watch. 


What is Laksen Clothing Used For?

Man Wearing Laksen Jacket

Laksen clothing is a result of continuous product development and advanced technologies, drawing from the rich heritage and expertise of the brand. 

Its range is widely recognised for its functionality and durability. Laksen jackets, in particular, are renowned for their excellent performance in shooting and hunting scenarios. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these shooting jackets are designed to provide optimum comfort and functionality. They are made from top-quality materials that have been carefully selected to ensure durability and protection in all weather conditions.

For shooting enthusiasts, there is a further extensive range of jackets, trousers, waistcoats, and accessories that offer unmatched performance in the field, keeping hunters comfortable and protected in any weather condition.


Range of Products

Three People Wearing Laksen Clothing for Shooting

Laksen offers a wide range of high-quality products for country sport enthusiasts.

Its self-confessed trademarks are the lightweight, waterproof, and breathable performance-driven products, the use of the finest Scottish tweed, and the features that make each garment tailored for use by discerning huntsmen. 

Within its extensive product portfolio, you can find:

  • Shooting jackets
  • Wax jackets
  • Quilted jackets
  • Full tweed suits, including tweed jackets
  • Shooting shirts
  • Shooting trousers
  • Fleece gilets.

In addition, it offers a variety of coordinated accessories to complete the country sport look.

The brand takes pride in developing its products using the latest materials and production technologies. Laksen jackets feature waterproof Gore-Tex technology, ensuring protection from the elements during even the most arduous stalk or intense hunt. 

A day of country sport or leisure is instantly enhanced when wearing a full Laksen tweed suit. Effortlessly elegant and crafted with premium materials, both comfort and style is celebrated in this range. Whether you're heading out to the races, attending a country show, or requiring formal attire for a shoot, these tweed jackets and accompanying garments are a sure fire way to impress.

Wax jackets have always been a staple of country life, and the ones from this shooting brand are no exception. Each item is meticulously designed and tested to ensure the utmost performance and durability for country folk who love getting into the great outdoors. The same can also be said of their quilted jackets, fleece gilets, and any other garment with the Laksen name stitched in. 

But a shoot isn't just about the jacket. That's why Laksen has developed a product range that covers everything you need for heading out into the field. Discover the difference of a collection that has been designed specifically for hunters and shooters to get the best out of their outdoor experience.


Is Laksen a Good Brand?

Man Wearing Laksen Clothing During Shooting

It is the true understanding of the passion and dedication that hunters and shooters have for their sport which sets Laksen apart from the rest. 

The brand has established itself in the industry due to the hard work and commitment put into each garment, simply because the end result is that their products subsequently deliver out in the field. Each item, whether it's a shooting jacket or flat cap, does what it's supposed to do. This creates a collection of clothing that is highly desirable.

By staying true to its roots, Laksen has focused on product development, constantly testing and refining its offerings to meet the evolving needs of the country sport industry. It prides itself on quality craftsmanship, employing the latest production technology to create premium products that stand the test of time. 

Laksen is more than just a brand – it's a trusted companion for those who appreciate the heritage and traditions of country sports.



This brand has been shaped into a symbol of elegance in the world of outdoor wear through it honouring its heritage, whilst continuing to help shape the future.

Laksen merges tradition and features that are known to work well, with exciting new discoveries in fabric technology, to ensure that its clothing remains the first choice for shooters and hunters.

By unravelling the history of this brand, it's clear to see that each key milestone in its journey has given it a deeper appreciation of what its garments can do for the world of country sport, and it's safe to say that its story is something to be admired, celebrated, and built upon. 

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