Product Review | Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set

Product Review of Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set

Product Review | Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set

Jack Pyke is a well-known brand in the outdoor industry, trusted for producing high-quality products for hunting and shooting enthusiasts.

As a hunter or outdoorsman, having a sturdy and reliable knife is a crucial part of your gear. The Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set is one of their top-selling products, designed to withstand the toughest of outdoor conditions. 

So we wanted to dive in and see what this knife set had to offer. Whether you're already a Jack Pyke fan or not, this product review will help you make an informed decision on whether or not this knife set is right for you.


What Makes a Good Hunting Knife?

Before deciding which hunting knife to buy, it's useful to understand exactly what puts the "good" in good hunting knife.

There are several key factors to consider when assessing the quality of a hunting knife, and we've listed out these factors below:

  • Blade Design - hunting knives uk usually have a drop point or clip point blade for control, and can vary in size but usually averages between 3-4", depending on its intended use
  • Blade Material - usually stainless steel or carbon steel is used. Stainless steel in particular is known for its corrosion resistance, which can be helpful for a knife that will be subject to blood, rain, and moisture
  • Sharpness - needs to be both easy to sharpen if necessary whilst out on the hunt and have a hardened blade for the specific task of preparing game
  • Secure Handle - look for durable materials like wood, which allow for a comfortable fit in the hand. This helps prevent fatigue, particularly if out on a long hunt 
  • Tang Construction - full tang refers to the blade extending the full length of the handle and is generally preferred for hunting knives
  • Strength & Durability - needs to be resilient and sturdy. Able to step up to the plate as it were!
  • Quality Sheath - this is important as a sheath should protect the blade, securely store the knife, and also provide quick access when needed
  • Weight & Balance - this is all about getting the exact control needed for the task at hand, and the correct weight/balance tends to come down to personal preference 
  • Brand Reputation - consider the brand of the hunting knife you intend to purchase. Are they known within the hunting community? Do they have a good reputation for high-quality products? 
  • Legal Requirements - it's vital that you follow all the UK laws regarding the purchase, use, and carrying of knives. For more information, click here


Key Features of the Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set

Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set

Now we've established what makes a good hunting knife, it's time to see whether this knife is up to scratch. 

This knife set is one of our best-sellers from Jack Pyke, and, on first glance, it's easy to see why. These two knives have an attractive, simple design that comes from a trusted hunting brand and appears to have just what you need in a hunting knife.

Delving further into the detail, the key features of this knife set are as follows:

  • Two Knife Sizes: Small (Blade Length 10.5cm) & Large (Blade Length 15cm)
  • Fixed Stainless Steel Blades
  • Rosewood Handles
  • Comes with a Nylon Sheath.

It's also worth noting that the total length of the small knife is approximately 20cm, whereas the larger knife measures at roughly 26.5cm.


Main Uses of the Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set

So we've got a well-crafted, high-quality knife on our hands - now it's time to consider its versatility and what it can be used for. 

Of course, we know it's a hunting knife so we're expecting it to be proficient, precise, and efficient at the following:

  • Field Dressing - preparing the game for food, includes gutting and removing internal organs
  • Skinning - removing the animal's hide or pelt, helping to preserve it if necessary
  • Butchering - cutting the meat, deboning, and trimming any fat
  • Utility Purposes - cutting ropes, twine, cords, branches, opening packages 
  • Emergencies - help with shelter construction, fire preparation etc. If going out into the bush, a reliable hunting knife is essential.

Alongside its primary use as a hunting knife, it could also be used when camping or DIY jobs around the home or garden.


Pros and Cons of the Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set

It's always important to consider the pros and cons of an item. It's only a perfect knife if it does what you specifically need it to do!

Let's take a look at the advantages of this knife set. 


  1. Its stainless steel blades are rust-resistant, providing easy care 
  2. Different blade sizes allow for versatility when processing game animals
  3. Affordable price tag for budget-conscious customers
  4. Fixed blades provides control and safety during use
  5. Sharp blades that are durable, making it a reliable choice
  6. Nylon sheath keeps the knives protected when storing or carrying 
  7. High-quality sturdy handle creates a good, comfortable grip.

However, there are a few factors to take into consideration when assessing this knife. 


  1. As the blades are fixed, it isn't suitable for individuals who prefer folding pocket knives
  2. Not an everyday carry knife, so doesn't offer this particular kind of versatility 
  3. Users may find the stainless steel blades more difficult to sharpen than the carbon steel.  

Overall, this Jack Pyke knife is an excellent option for individuals who require a quality knife at a low price.

It is an ideal option for hunters, thanks to its different blade sizes for multiple uses during the hunting process. Furthermore, these stainless steel blade knives are resilient to wear and tear. However, anyone who is in need of a folding knife instead of a fixed blade should consider other models.


Is the Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set Right For Me?

Jack Pyke Hunters Knives

When it comes to making a hunting knife purchase, the key is to consider whether it's fit for purpose, it has the features you need it to, and whether you actually like the look of it. The last one might not be a dealbreaker, but it's always handy to buy something you like!

When asking yourself whether this knife set is right for you, take into account all its features, advantages and disadvantages outlined above. 

These are classic looking knives, made with durable fixed stainless steel blades with a rosewood handle for a comfortable grip. One potential drawback is that they are not folding knives, making them less convenient to carry around. However, this is compensated by the included nylon sheath for safe and easy carrying.

Although this knife set remains a popular choice, there are some great alternatives out there if you don't think it's quite the right knife for you. 

You may wish to consider the Buck Folding Selkirk Knife, the Opinel No.8 Black Oak Knife, or perhaps one of the other Jack Pyke knives discussed below. 


Alternative Jack Pyke Knives

This hunting brand offers a wide range of knives suitable for many outdoor activities. 

There are similar hunting knives such as the Jack Pyke Savanna Knife or the Jack Pyke 3" Sporter Knife. There are also multi-tools and bushcraft knives.

The great thing about their knife collection is that there are different styles and designs to choose from. 

If you'd like any further guidance or information about any of these knives, or, in fact, any product on our website, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly customer services team is only a call or an email away, and we love helping kit you out with all the right gear.



With its high-quality stainless steel blade, comfortable grip, and functional design, this knife set is ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, including hunting, camping, and survival. It is a versatile and durable tool that offers excellent performance, quality, and value for money. 

Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner, this knife set is a reliable and trustworthy companion that will help you tackle any challenge with ease.

So if you're looking for an affordable and efficient hunting knife, look no further than the Jack Pyke Hunters Knife Set – it won't disappoint.

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