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Ducks Wax | 100 ml & 500 ml

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DUCK 100

DucksWax Leather Protection & Waterproofing 

This product extends the life of your leather and wax cotton items. The ultimate in long lasting protection. It won't stain stitching. Is a sweet smelling, Leather Food. It will Moisturise, soften & preserve your leather. It helps to waterproof your leather. Reduces water absorption, whereby water will form beads & run off. Conditions and revives the look of the leather or wax fabric. Works on wax cotton (Barbour type) jackets too!
DucksWax is a 100% natural product that breathes new life into your leather. Which penetrates the leather skin conditioning and helps maintain natural suppleness. Once applied the surface is left grease free making Ducks Wax the perfect treatment for leather furniture, leather car seats, Leather Clothing and saddles & tack. For all outdoor leathers Ducks Wax repels water and moisture and is a favourite amongst Motorcyclists, Horse riders, Golfers, Hikers and anybody working outdoors. DucksWax is translucent & can be applied to all colours and restores the natural sheen to all leather surfaces.
Available as 100ml with Sponge or 500ml with 3 Sponges

How to Apply Duckswax

If the DucksWax is too cold (Hard) to use, it can easily be softened by warming on a radiator or a bowl of hot water.
Apply to DRY, CLEAN LEATHER, using the sponge supplied. REMOVE ANY EXCESS DucksWax from seams, ridges or joins in the leather with a shoe brush, PRIOR TO IT DRYING. For best results use a lint free buffing cloth afterwards as well. It is not necessary to avoid getting it onto any plastic parts (motorcycle boots, for instance) but avoid the Velcro fastenings. Reapply as & when necessary. The more often applied the greater the effectiveness. You will experience slight discolourations when using this product on Nubuck or lighty tanned leather.
Wax Cotton
Apply to dry, clean material, ensuring that it's applied lightly& evenly. For best results, heat the DucksWax slightly. This can be done on a radiator or a saucepan of boiling water. While applying, if it starts to harden or is too thick just re-melt slightly with a hair dryer. It's not necessary to avoid the zips, but take care not to get it onto the lining or Velcro. Buff off afterwards, with a lint free cloth. Jackets and equestrian turnout rugs may require 2 coats.
Nylon, Gore-Tex and Synthetic material.
DucksWax is not designed for these materials. However does prove to be effective on nylon BUT will retain the greasiness. Do NOT use on Suede or Gore-Tex.

DucksWax - Application Test Results

Tested on a few different colours. Overall effectiveness is very good indeed. The duckswax changes the look of the leather slightly. Darkening a little. But overall improving the appearance. On very light tan, colour it will darken significantly. Water repelling properties are also greatly improved. Water droplets appear & the water runs off.
Motorcycle leathers
Tested on Black, White, Red & Green leathers. The application had no adverse effect on any of the colours whatsoever. Overall effectiveness is very good indeed. The duckswax initially gives a shiny/greasy appearance. This reduces back within 10 minutes or so. There is no greasy feel, thereafter. Duckswax greatly assists in removing road dirt & fly squash. It also helps removal of dirt & fly squash subsequently. There are no adverse effects in terms of grip levels (on gloves or bottoms), after application, having allowed a little soaking in time. Water repelling properties are also greatly improved. Water droplets appear & the water runs off. Leather appears to be softer after application and reduces any squeakiness. Reapplication times will vary according to use.
Car seats & leather furniture
Both myself & a customer have used this product on car upholstery. Very positive results. Seats remain greasy for a few minutes, thereafter drying to a nice finish.
Duckswax softens & feeds the leather. Feedback from customers has been positive. When applied to tack, improves the look.
Wood & Furniture
DucksWax works incredibly well as a furniture wax. Use on untreated soft and hardwood, to give a lasting finish. Non waxy and will really enhance the grain.
Due to the nap, DucksWax, is not appropriate for this.
Wax cotton
Tested on 3 jackets. The application brought the old wax material back to nearly as new condition. Water repelling properties are also greatly improved. Water droplets appear & the water runs off.
Tested on a very old "waterproof" suit. The nylon retained the very greasy feel, this did not soak in. However, water repelling is also greatly improved. Water droplets appear & the water runs off.
Horse turnout rugs
There are 2 types, available on the market. Wax cotton & nylon. Effectiveness is the same as above.
This product is NOT suitable for PVC. It will remain greasy & will not soak in.
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