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Dublin Pinnacle Boots II

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Pinnacle II High Leg Leather Boot by Dublin

The Pinnacle boots are uniquely stylish and highly comfortable  

Full side lace and touch tape closure make these country boots practical and fashionable 

Durable and lightweight Tough Tec rubber outsole and heel arch support with double cushioning layer for added comfort when you need it 

Designed to wear over jodhpurs or jeans

Popular with equestrians and dog walkers

Moisture-wicking RCS footbed and a breathable nylon lining will keep your feet comfortable 

Easily accommodates different calf widths with full side lace adjustment and touch tape closure 

Colour: Chocolate, Dark Brown 

UK sizes 3 - 8 
Suitable for larger calf widths 

Dublin Boot Size Chart

Due to leather being a natural product, the colour may vary from that shown 

Boot Care 

To get the best from your boots, all leather needs a little care and attention every now and then. With a little effort and the right treatment, your boots will last longer and perform better

Animal manure, and non clean water liquids, particularly salt water can be corrosive to leather - So remember to wash you boots thoroughly with clean water after contact. Use a soft brush and leather cleaner where necessary

Clean and dry boots before storing, treat with leather or suede conditioner as applicable

Boots should be cleaned, dried and treated before storing for a prolonged period

Storage environment should be cool, dry and of a consistent temperature
Avoid storage in direct sunlight or damp conditions where mould might develop