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Product Review | Deerhunter Muflon Jacket

Deerhunter Muflon Shooting Jacket Review

The changing of the seasons makes new demands on your outdoor clothing.

As the weather gets colder, it becomes crucial for hunters to stay warm and dry when they are out in the woods or the fields. Finding the right jacket for the job can be challenging. 

However, when it comes to outdoor clothing, Deerhunter is a renowned and trusted brand known for its durability and performance. The Deerhunter Muflon Jacket is specifically designed to keep hunters comfortable and protected in cold and damp conditions.

In this blog post, we will delve into the key features of this shooting jacket and discover why it is a popular choice amongst hunters, and why it might be one of the best investments you can make. 


When Would You Wear the Deerhunter Muflon Jacket?

Man wearing Deerhunter jacket for shooting in the wet weather

This particular shooting jacket has its roots based on the Mouflon breed of sheep. The Muflon possess the remarkable ability to adapt to nature and climate change due to their sharp senses. 

Adaptable and hardy, the breed that inspired this piece of Deerhunter clothing is what helps set it apart from any of its rivals. 

Although this jacket has been designed with the hunter in mind, the design makes it acceptable to wear for a variety of instances, such as:

  • Hunting
  • Shooting
  • Field Work
  • Farming
  • Gamekeeping.


Key Features of the Deerhunter Muflon Jacket

Deerhunter Muflon Jacket against a white background

When it comes to features, the Muflon does not disappoint.

As you would expect from a company that eats, breathes, and sleeps hunting attire, the list is full and all bases are covered.

Some key attributes are:

  • Detachable hood
  • Two way YKK Zipper
  • Storm cuffs
  • Two hand warmer pockets with zippers
  • Two chest pockets
  • Two lower front pockets with integrated cartridge pockets and rounded wide opening for easy access
  • Polishing cloth in the left chest pocket
  • Two zip pockets at front pockets
  • Slit at left side bottom for better comfort
  • Game pocket with zipper
  • Adjustable cuff
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation
  • Technical Deer-Tex Membrane - 100% Wind and waterproof, and breathable membrane.


Pros and Cons of the Deerhunter Muflon Jacket

There are many advantages to owning this shooting jacket

It offers several benefits that make it ideal for use in various outdoor activities; specifically, shooting and hunting. 


  • Multiple Pockets: All strategically placed, you can carry essentials and shooting accessories in the chest and hip pockets, cartridge pockets, and many more
  • Customisable Fit: Detachable hoods, adjustable cuffs, YKK zipper; all these great features incorporated into the jacket make it an individual-feeling garment
  • Durable Design: Suede details add reinforcement to the more vulnerable parts of the jacket, plus it's made with hardwearing, no rustle, soft touch fabric. The five-year warranty on the membrane also demonstrates Deerhunter's high expectations for their gear 
  • Exceptional Waterproof Protection: Technical Deer Tex membrane that's 100% windproof, waterproof, and breathable. Plus, there are further waterproofing features like taped seams and waterproof zippers
  • Comfortable & Warm: 3M Thinsulate Insulation is soft, breathable and able to maintain extra warmth keeping you comfortable, helping you to keep a stable body temperature. In addition, you have the four-way stretch fabric that assists active movement
  • Finishing Touches: Integrated polishing cloth for wiping your binoculars, sights or glasses, plus a side slit on the bottom left side adds extra flexibility and comfort in movements.

 However, the following potential drawbacks need to be considered. 


  • Expensive Outlay: This is definitely an investment piece, as the initial cost is relatively expensive. But if you're looking for a top-quality shooting jacket, then the Muflon is worth the price
  • Careful Maintenance: This mainly includes ensuring that you wash the jacket correctly, particularly paying attention to the membrane.


Is the Deerhunter Muflon Jacket Right for You?

Close up of Deerhunter Muflon Jacket against a white background

Whether you are wild boar hunting in Hungary, hunting Eland in South Africa, Red Stag hunting in Argentina, or deer stalking in the UK, the Deerhunter Muflon will be there with you.

The more you are going to use your shooting clothing, the more investment in quality you should make. This top-of-the-line jacket has all the features and benefits you need to stay comfortable and protected in the harshest outdoor conditions.

Functionality is a major emphasis of the Muflon Jacket, plus the comfort of the wearer and ensuring maximum protection and freedom of movement when out into the depths of the wood. No matter what the weather challenges you with, this shooting coat is there to protect you. 

This garment from Deerhunter clothing is yet another example of their commitment to producing the best for the hunting community. 


Alternative Shooting Jackets

A good hunting jacket has several important boxes to tick. It has to be warm enough that you’re comfortable on the coldest days, and sufficiently waterproof to keep you dry in sudden downpours, yet it must also allow you to swing and mount your gun with ease.

Furthermore, it needs to be tough enough to withstand thorns, and also the paws of a muddy and excitable dog, yet it should still look smart enough to walk around a country estate.

So, as you can see - there's lots to a good hunting jacket! If you're interested in learning more, feel free to check out our blog post on what makes a great shooting jacket.

The Muflon range offered by Deerhunter clothing is quite extensive, and also very popular! There are lightweight jackets, longer-length jackets, extreme jackets, plus a variety of trousers and accessories. 

There are also multiple alternatives to the Muflon if you would prefer a slightly different design.

In our wide collection, we have great choices, such as:

Browse the options above or please feel free to give the Hollands team a call if you'd like any further advice.



When you're choosing your new hunting jacket, there are a few key areas to consider, and the Deerhunter Muflon has them covered.

With its technical specifications and maximum comfort, this jacket is crafted to meet the demands of the outdoors. Although it is an investment piece, it is definitely worth considering if you are the type of hunter who demands the best out of their hunting gear. 

Deerhunter is designed for hunters, so invest in the best!

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