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Product Information

Product Information 

Holland's online resource contains a wealth of knowledge to guide you in your choice of product and its after care. And much more besides. 


How to look after your boots and make sure they give you good service. No matter what the price tag, and no matter what the material, all boots need a little bit of care and attention to help them be the best they can be.

General Footwear Care Guide

By Brand 

Dublin Boots

Ariat Boots 

Blundstone Boots


Fabric care and maintenance. Advice on how to use product features

General Guides

Two Way Zip Guide - How to use a two-way zipper

Wax Cotton Care

Tweed Care Guide - How to look after your tweed

Caring for your Leather Goods

Product Care Directions for specific Brands - How to look after your garment, how to wash, waterproof, repair and maintain


Aran Woollens - Look after you knitwear

Bridgedale Care Guide - How to care for your socks

Deerhunter  - How to care for your Deerhunter Clothing

Caring for your Harkila

Musto Clothing Care Guide - How to Care for your Musto Clothing



By Brand

Deerhunter Clothing - Size Guide
Full details for all Deerhunter products. Plus guide on how to measure yourself correctly for a great fit.

Jack Murphy Clothing Size Chart
CHOOSE YOUR SIZE CORRECTLY. Jack Murphy Sizing Guide Jack Murphy produce their clothing according to two categories, the Heritage Collection and the Seasonal standard collections. 




Waterproof and Breathable - Breathability Explained

By Brand

Didriksons Technical Specifications Information
Heat and Waterproof Specifications explained

Harkila Garment Technology Explained

Harkila HEAT - How to use Guide

Environmental and Ethical Responsibility - Recycling and Sustainability

Craghoppers - Mindfully Made

Didriksons - Our Responsibility



Aran Woollen Mills - The Story of Our Stitches
The Stories Behind the Stitches of Aran Woollen Wear. Basket Stitch
Represents the fisherman’s basket and the hope of abundant catches. 

Alan Paine Clothing - An inherited sense of identity
When you wear an Alan Paine garment you are wearing over 100 years of a family’s heritage. 

Baleno - When Country Clothing meets High Tec Innovation For over fifty years Baleno have been giving you the clothing to do this not only in style but in some of the most advanced, modern, and outstanding, technological fabric of the moment. 

Blundstone - Go anywhere, Do anything, and Look good every step of the way Blundstone is a boot that started life in a new land and found its way around the world.

Bridgedale Socks - Little Things Matter In 1915 in a shed at the rear of his parent’s garden on Bangor Road, Newtownards, Northern Ireland, a young man called John J. Black with the assistance of his younger brother decided to go into the sock business.

The British Bag Company - Heritage to Stand the Test of Time Manufactures of quality fashion accessories including belts, bags, braces, small leather goods and gifting.

Bronte - When your own Nature is Leading you  In 1086 Birmingham was a hamlet worth 20 shillings, by the middle of the 20th century it was the centre of Britain’s manufacturing industry.

CamelBak - Accompany every Adventure. Join in every Journey Six years from conception, in 1988, a young road racer took up the Hotter’N Hell Hundred Challenge.

Caterpillar - Direct, Bold, Upfront, Honest, Provocative, Positive and Daring spells Caterpillar. In 1849 Benjamin Leroy Holt was born, one of eleven siblings, he was raised in Concord, New Hampshire. His father, William Knox Holt owned a sawmill and made hardwood for wagon and coach construction.

Deerhunter - When your own Breath is all, you can Hear The 1920’s is often referred to as the Roaring 20’s. A time of great economic prosperity for Europe and the USA it gave rise to an emphasis on social, artistic, and cultural influencers.

Didriksons - See you Outside In 1913 Sweden, in a small town called Grundsund a battle was raging with the elements and the elements were winning.

Dublin Boots - Created by Riders, for Riders, who know what Riders need. Dublin is a small town on the main highway 70km north of Adelaide, Australia. A population of only 403 residents this rural location has a hotel, post office agency, butcher, greengrocer, and a nice little park for if you want a picnic, it also has plenty of horse-riding acreage.

Dunlop - A Simple Idea that Changed the World. Born on a farm in Dreghorn, North Ayrshire, John Boyd Dunlop had a simple idea that changed the world.

Hannah Hats of Donegal Ltd - A Little piece of Luxury from Donegal. In 1921 a 16-year-old boy called David Hanna cycled from Belfast to Donegal, a distance of one hundred and nine miles, for a job interview and never had to cycle back.

Harkila - Balancing Innovation with Old Fashioned Hunting Habits. Sweden. Officially the Kingdom of Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union but only has a total of 10.4 million people and a low population density of 25 inhabitants per square kilometre. 87% of Swedes live in urban areas, which covers around 1.5% of the entire land.

Helly Hansen - From Sea to Shore. Fishing is a prehistoric practice dating back at least 40,000 years. Since the 16th century men have been taking small boats onto the salty waters of the oceans in pursuit of these sometimes-elusive creatures.

HI-TEC - Find Your View. Frank Van Wezel was born and raised in the Netherlands. After graduating from Nyenrode Business University he served his National Service in the Dutch Air Force before returning to his study in London and Paris.

HJ Hall - When Honesty is the Best Policy. According to a Greek poet named Hesiod, in the 8th century BC, the ancient Greeks wore socks called ‘piloi’, which were made from animal hair!

Jack Murphy - A True Irish Heritage. In 1892 Dublin Corporation opened a wholesale fruit, veg and fish market as an alternative to food being sold off the back of dirty carts on dirty streets.

Leatherman - The tools you need to Prepare for the Unexpected. In 1975 Tim Leatherman and his wife set off on a budget trip around Europe. No mobiles or email. Travellers cheques not credit cards. Smoking furiously on a Pan Am flight and hitchhiking as any other means of travel was just too hit and miss.

Musto - Your Adventure is Musto’s Challenge. It is now the summer of 2021, 21st July, and two days to go before the Olympic games, that were due to go ahead in 2020 but were cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, have their opening ceremony in Tokyo, Japan for the second time in the history of the event. They have also hosted the winter Olympics twice.

Scarpa - From today to tomorrow Luigi Parisotto’s story begins amongst the olive groves and vineyards of an enchanting town called Asolo