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Product Information

Product Information 

Holland's online resource contains a wealth of knowledge to guide you in your choice of product and its after care. And much more besides. 

Footwear Care 
How to look after your boots and make sure they give you good service. No matter what the price tag, and no matter what the material, all boots need a little bit of care and attention to help them be the best they can be. READ NOW


Aran Woollen Mills - The Story of Our Stitches
The Stories Behind the Stitches of Aran Woollen Wear. Basket Stitch
Represents the fisherman’s basket and the hope of abundant catches. 


Deerhunter Clothing - Size Guide
Full details for all Deerhunter products. Plus guide on how to measure yourself correctly for a great fit.


Didriksons Technical Specifications Information
Heat and Waterproof Specifications explained

Didriksons Product Care Directions


Jack Murphy Clothing Size Chart
CHOOSE YOUR SIZE CORRECTLY. Jack Murphy Sizing Guide Jack Murphy produce their clothing according to two categories, the Heritage Collection and the Seasonal standard collections. READ NOW

Keep Warm & Dry This Winter!
How to stay comfortable when wet and cold try to spoil the fun.